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We offer excellent training to graduates and young professionals. We hire mainly for entry-level positions, suitable for candidates at early stage of their career.

Our hiring philosophy is based on the principle of career development. ExxonMobil hires employees not just for one job; we hire employees and provide opportunities for them to develop in the company over their career.

Challenge yourself and participate in UNI CHANCE 2016 competition. The best 6 students become winners of 3 months internship in ExxonMobil during school year 2016/2017. For more information follow UNI CHANCE.

You can meet ExxonMobil Ambassadors at a number of job fairs at universities from across the Czech Republic. Also you can participate in one of our Open days – visit the premises, learn about our daily tasks and see what it is like to work for an international company.

VŠE – University of Economics in Prague

ČZU – Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

UK – Charles University

UNYP – University of New York in Prague

VŠCHT – University of Chemistry and Technology

ČVUT – Czech Technical University in Prague

MUP – Metropolitan University Prague

Anglo-American University

 Jindřichův Hradec – Management faculty VŠE

Pardubice – University of Pardubice

Brno – Masaryk University

Zlín – Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Liberec – Technical University of Liberec

České Budějovice – University of South Bohemia

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About ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil is the largest publically traded energy company in the world. Today we operate in most of the world's countries and are best known by our familiar brand names: Exxon, Esso and Mobil. We make the products that drive modern transportation, power cities, lubricate industry and provide petrochemical building blocks that lead to thousands of consumer goods.

ExxonMobil Business Support Center Czechia s.r.o.

ExxonMobil Business Support Center Czechia s.r.o. was established in 2004 and has around 1,200 employees. From Prague, we support the Europe, Africa and Middle East region and Americas in businesses such as Fuels & Lubricants, Chemicals, Procurement Payables, Treasurer’s Credit and enabling functions. As part of one of the world’s largest corporations, we serve the affiliates in multiple languages including German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic and Scandinavian languages.

Quotes from employees - Martina

„People around in ExxonMobil are not only nice, friendly and up for every fun, they are also very inspiring. Most of my colleagues speak various languages and perform thorough financial analyses of the biggest companies from around the world on daily basis. Working with them makes me challenge myself and improve my abilities and knowledge further and further. “  Martina Slabá, Credit Analyst WS Norway

Quotes from employees - Hugo

„I love the feeling of being supported by my supervisors and managers and I really like the professional but also relaxed atmosphere in the office. “  Hugo Lopez, Team Lead AM Process Support

Quotes from employees - Zuzana

„I really enjoy the multicultural environment and all the leisure time activities that are often organized by our Social Club. I very much appreciate the fact that ExxonMobil is concerned with my personal health, safety & security and does a lot to provide me with a safe and hazard-free working environment.” Zuzana Hanáčková, Recruitment CoE supervisor

What we also offer

  • Valued experience in one of the world’s leading energy companies
  • Truly multinational environment - more than 60 nationalities under one roof
  • Daily contact with international customers developing your skills
  • Unique company culture
  • Fresh fruits twice a week, fit stops
  • Social Club
  • Charity Days

Tips from the Recruit. Advisors to succeed in the selection process

Come prepared for the interview:

  • read the job advert carefully;
  • consider what attracts you about the particular job opportunity;
  • find information about ExxonMobil;
  • write down questions you want to ask during the interview.

Dress up in business casual.

Relax and be yourself.


Employee benefits - BSC Social Club, Child Care Support Program, Educational Refund Program and...


Training programs

Extensive training programs


Voluntary short term and long term savings with company contribution


Non-cash benefit used to purchase event tickets, health-care, sport fees...


Floating company holidays


Illness plan


Language Courses


Recognition of extended service to the Company

Seniority days

After full year/-s


Lunch Allowance, Life Insurance, Relocation assistance, Wellness Programs

Příběh absolventa

I enjoy learning and discovering new things and I love communication with people from different cultures. I work in a team of 20 people where we have 10 different nationalities from 4 continents. So basically, I can learn something new from different part of the world every day. 

Lenka Hlaváčová

Lenka Hlaváčová

EMEAF Customer Service Professional Intermediates, Joined ExxonMobil in 2013

What did you have to fulfill to receive your current position?

The first round interview was led by two Team Leaders. Since I applied for a French speaking Customer Service position, the interview was conducted in French and English, and most of the questions were behaviour based (e.g. How did you react in a specific situation where....? What were the lessons learned from that?)

The second round of the interview

The second round of the interview was held the same day, later in the afternoon. This time I was interviewed by my future Supervisor and Manager. They again asked me about my previous experience and described the position in detail. Everybody was really nice, gave me plenty of time to ask my own questions of them and, after the interview, showed me the open office space I would be working in. I received a job offer one week later and happily accepted it.

How does your standard day at work look like?

My day in Customer Service can never be fully predicted; the pace is fast and new challenges come on daily basis. In addition to the frequent interactions with other people within ExxonMobil, I am the single point of contact for my customers (an assigned portfolio of leading chemical companies), communicating mostly via phone and email.

Order to Cash process

As far as my main daily activities go, these are usually related to the “Order to Cash process”, which includes everything from receiving a customer´s order, through processing it in SAP, until delivery and satisfaction of the customer, and of course solving all the obstacles which might come along the way (delays of trucks, product availabilities, customer feedbacks, etc.).

What do you consider as your biggest achievement during the time of your career at ExxonMobil?

It would be achieving the status of a “go-to person” for my colleagues. I like working with software, learning and researching new things and I do not hesitate to share this knowledge further. The fact that I am trusted enough by my colleagues to help them with certain operational issues, even getting contacted by people as far away as Paris or even Bangkok, is very fulfilling.

How do you like the work environment?

I enjoy learning and discovering new things and I love communication with people from different cultures. I work in a team of 20 people where we have 10 different nationalities from 4 continents. So basically, I can learn something new from different part of the world every day.  Team dinners, team buildings, sport days and other activities further contribute to the team spirit.  

Do you see place for career development at ExxonMobil?

Yes, definitely.  The oil industry is involved in so many different areas that opportunities are almost infinite. At the moment, I am happy in my position and I genuinely enjoy 90 % of my tasks. The other 10 % is administrative; I am not a big fan of it, though I very much understand its importance.

Příběh manažera

I work for one of the world’s largest companies and I am very proud that the ExxonMobil is a pacesetter with respect to safety activities, ergonomics and work-life integration.

Karolína Chudá

Karolína Chudá

Manager - EMEA Efficiency Contracting, Joined ExxonMobil in 2004

What you like the most about ExxonMobil?

I work for one of the world’s largest companies and I am very proud that the ExxonMobil is a pacesetter with respect to safety activities, ergonomics and work-life integration. We start every meeting with a “Safety Minute” and make sure we achieve the ultimate mission, “Nobody gets hurt”. I very much value the integrity which is key fundamental of our Company.

How did your career evolve?

I started as a Vendor Master Administrator in Payables department more than 10 years ago. This was an individual contributor role. There I mainly grasped how the Company and the end-to-end Purchase to Pay process works. By means of the performance I have shown during my 1st year, I was permanently appointed as my Manager’s stand-in, who was about to step in to a well-deserved retirement at the time.

After two years

After two years, I moved to the Procurement department where I held several managerial and individual contributor roles (Buyer, Procurement Associate and Supervisor in various Procurement teams). Currently, I am enjoying my new and exciting role as the EMEA Efficiency Contracting Manager.

The key takeout from my journey has been that each job and experience adds something unique to your base.

What would you consider interesting about your current position?

What I love is the variability of tasks, actions and learnings. I like to motivate people by praising their performance and sharing their successes through open and honest conversation.

What I like the most is that I get up every single day and know that I will learn something new. I am never bored at work and when I look at the clock, it is usually time to go home to my family. To me, this is a great sign.

What direction would you like to develop to and is this possible for you at your current employer?

I would like to pursue more managerial roles across various departments of the Company. In order to do that, it is necessary to perform in several managerial and individual contributor roles. Fortunately, our Company allows a great variety of career opportunities in the Czech Republic and abroad, so it is only on the individual to embrace it.

What would be your advice to the fresh graduates who are seeking for opportunities at ExxonMobil?

The great thing is that ExxonMobil has a large variety of job offerings available, including many entry level positions for fresh graduates. So I would encourage all potential candidates to check all the open positions to see what they are interested in and then apply!

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